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Halachev 6 years ago 0
Find all genomic locations that are similar to a given one w.r.t. certain criteria.
Halachev 4 years ago 0
When uploading a dataset, the user can provide the tissue/cell line for which the data was computed.

EpiExplorer can then use the same tissue as default (if available) for its visualizations.

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Halachev 5 years ago 1
I am not been able to save the PNG. Clicking or write clicking on it doesnt allow me save the PNG locally


Yassen 5 years ago • updated by Halachev 4 years ago 2

Allow uploading multiple annotation datasets (e.g. as BED files) using the same options. This would guarantee that the annotations are comparable, as they all use the same genome version, strand information, etc. and are tested w.r.t. the same default annotations available in EpiExplorer.

Anonymous 6 years ago 0
Anonymous 6 years ago 0
The current annotation format shows percentage / information for the whole dataset, it will be useful to have the annotation for each sequence in the dataset independently, Thanks
Halachev 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Currently every slider on the left side is couple with a visualization on the right. There is interest if the slider can be reached independently of the visualization, for example filter by length while looking at the summary visualization. Then the goal will be to dynamically show the changes(maybe similar to comparison mode, in gray the current numbers in orange the numbers if the refinment was selected).
albrecht 6 years ago • updated by Halachev 6 years ago 0
Datasets Ideas
Halachev 6 years ago

albrecht 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 1
Visualization Feature Ideas
elisa.redl 1 year ago 0

Would it be possible to get the mouse mm10 genome available?