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Mouse mm10 genome

elisa.redl 5 years ago 0

Would it be possible to get the mouse mm10 genome available?


methylation thresholds

Federico Abascal 7 years ago updated by Halachev 7 years ago 1

Dear Konstantin, I have a related question. I have been exporing the original methylation files and was wondering which thresholds does EpiExplorer use for read coverage and percentage of reads with methylation. In UCSC they recommend requiring at least 10 reads and they assign colors depending on what fraction of the reads is found to be methylated.

Thanks again,



Add a profile plot similar to the neighborhood plots

Halachev 10 years ago 0
Add a profile how often certain positions inside the regions, such as the start, the middle and the end overlap with a certain property.

For example, a profile plot showing 5,10,15,11,6 for the overlap of set of regions with CGIs will show that the 5'end overlaps in 5%, the 1/4 point overlaps in 10%, the middle point overlaps in 15% etc and would be indicative that the middle of the regions tend to be more overlapping with CGIs than the ends.

Help bubbles

Anonymous 10 years ago 0

Allow more help bubbles?

For datasets information, tissues, plots, computations and others

One of those


Would it be possible to also get the rat genome (rn5) availlable?

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by Halachev 8 years ago 0

Dear EpiExplorers,

Would it be possible to also get the rat genome (rn5) availlable?

Halachev 8 years ago

Dear user, 

If you are planning a larger rat project we would certainly consider contributing. If this is the case, please contact our corresponding authors with more details ( Otherwise, in order to be worth setting things up, we would need serious user interest in this genome that we have not yet observed.


same start and end position

Anonymous 6 years ago 0
I am a new user. I performed targeted bisulfite sequencing on 2 groups of samples and subsequently analyzed the data with Methylkit in R. My output file is a list of CpGs significantly differentially methylated between the 2 groups, with the 3 columns as requested by the EpiExplorer program (chr, start, end). My data is at single CpG level, thus start and end positions are exactly the same. This gives an error when uploading the file: "

Error: Invalid format at line 0. chromosome end(843641) should be larger than chromosome start (843641)"


Export of control regions

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by Mario Saare 7 years ago 2
Great tool. Any chance to get an export function for the matched control regions that are generated by epiexplorer?


how to get into the Epiexplorer

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by Halachev 8 years ago 1